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Description From Goodreads:

Months after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito, Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage, and learning how to live under new laws. Forced to give up her old life, she must now live in secret among the humans. She finally has hope of leading an ordinary life . . . until Logan Cross walks into it.

Their chance meeting leads her close to discovering the identity of the nameless Mage who once stole her light and discovered the unique power she possesses. That knowledge poses an unimaginable threat to Silver, fueling her search to find out who he is, before he finds her first.

Lives are at stake. Truths are revealed. And an unexpected passion ignites.

TWIST, by Dannika Dark

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Review: **** 4 Stars

Dannika Dark does it again! TWIST was just as good as STERLING (Mageri Series: Book 1), with a new hero and love interest, ramped up action, and great plot advancement for the series arc.


Characters: ***** 5 Stars

Once again, I fell in love with Silver and her entourage of protectors, but the new addition of Logan Cross was brilliant. First of all, he’s a Breed called a Chitah, and as you can imagine, he has some Cheetah-like qualities, including faint spots on his skin, a highly developed sense of smell, and a hunting instinct. His introduction as Silver’s kidnapper and a killer of Mage made for an interesting dynamic in their relationship, but Silver’s reliance on him felt more organic than her introductions to the men in STERLING. Logan is a bit of a wild-man, clearly not as civilized as the Mage, having never been human. He lives by his own set of rules, but his word, once given, will not be broken.

I was also glad to be reintroduced to Sunny, Silver’s best friend from her human life, and Knox, Adam’s friend and former mercenary. Together they add a nice side-plot to the story, and help round out Silver’s network of friends and supporters.

Plot: **** 4 Stars

As with STERLING, I felt the plot was complex and interesting, keeping me on my toes. However, there were a couple of plot points that felt forced, as if the author had to get from A to C, but didn’t quite know how to do it. For example, Silver was left alone at Justus’ house without any kind of protection while he and Simon traipse off on secret business. Given that there’s still a bad guy out there after Silver, I wouldn’t have expected him to just leave her all alone, and sure enough, something bad happens, and we’re introduced to Logan.

Setting: *** 3 Stars

Cognito doesn’t feel real to me, perhaps because Silver doesn’t get to spend a whole lot of time outside of Justus’ home, but I wanted more from the city. If it’s a Breed city, it should somehow be different and unique to the human cities. I needed more description and more integration of the city into the action when Silver was out and about.

Romance: **** 4 Stars

I really loved the introduction of Logan Cross into Silver’s life. He was a fantastic counterpoint to the other men; he’s more dangerous, yet he is also more considerate (in his way). I love the tension and heat between them, particularly since Logan comes into the story as an adversary, not a friend, and Silver fights with herself as she’s drawn to him. That being said, I was sad that Adam gave up so easily, and Simon simply didn’t do anything but flirt and give way. I wanted more tension between the men as they vied for Silver’s affection.

Genre – Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance: ***** 5 Stars

This story has a bit of everything, and it was nicely done. There’s club-hopping, detective work, chase scenes, kidnapping, violence, and even some mild S&M. There’s not a lot of sex, but in my opinion, that really worked as the tension built and relationships changed. I enjoyed every minute!


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Description From Goodreads:

Valerie Dearborn wants a cotton candy life, but it’s more like a puffer fish: pointy, unusual, and—if not prepared exactly right—deadly.

In London for graduate school, Val knows she’s finally free. Her father and ex-almost-boyfriend are back in California and she’s out of the Vampire hunting biz for good. Or is she?

She draws the attention of Lucas, a 1600 year old Vampire, and King to his kind. He’s also wicked hot. As golden as Lucifer, and just as tempting, he makes Valerie an offer she can’t refuse— help him find out if the Others (Empaths, Fey and Werewolves) still exist or he’ll stop protecting those she loves.

Lucas tells her that Empaths were a Vampire’s biggest weakness before going extinct hundreds of years ago. While the Fey or a Werewolf might kill a Vampire, an Empath could enslave them, seducing or harming with emotions at will. The one detail he leaves out? Valerie is an Empath.

And after 1600 years of an emotionless existence, Lucas wants Valerie like a recovering alcoholic wants a wine cooler.

Can she keep those she loves alive, stop Lucas from munching on her, survive a fanged revolution and still find a way to have that boring, normal life she’s always wanted? Probably not, but boy is she gonna try!

LOVE IS DARKNESS, by Caroline Hanson
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Review: *** 3 Stars
The Goodreads description pretty well sums up the book. Valerie Dearborn wants a simple human life, but she keeps getting sucked into the dark underworld of the Others…well, the vampires anyway.

Overall, this was a good book, but not a great one. The characters were reasonably believable, the plot was fast enough to keep me entertained, but there were also quite a few problems that were distracting during the read, including grammar and spelling errors, and problematic point of view switches (one paragraph from one character followed immediately by another paragraph from a different character, and back again). At $.99, it’s a fun distraction and a quick romp in urban fantasy, but don’t expect anything extraordinary.

Characters: *** 3 Stars
Nearly every character in this novel was a contradiction of themselves. Valerie wants to have a “normal” life, but she loves men who can’t give her that normalcy. In fact, the only man that could, Ian, is a non-character that was present for a couple of chapters and unnecessary for the plot. I actually would have preferred her just focusing on her grad school studies rather than getting involved with a stand-in. Meanwhile, Jack is the bad boy from her past that simultaneously wants to protect her by keeping her away from the action, but gets jealous when she actually tries to have a life outside of his world. Lucas is the vampire king that has been emotionless for centuries, but on finding out that Valerie is an empath, wants to take her as his own while using her as a tool to find more of the Others (empaths, werewolves, and fae). None of the characters really grew through the story or resolved their issues, although at least Valerie realized she was probably never going to have her white picket dream.

Plot: *** 3 Stars
Beyond the basic spelling and grammar issues (which automatically subtract a star), the story concept was strong but the execution of the plot was forgettable. The intro flashback chapters could have been incorporated into the rest of the story better, providing integrated background and adding some suspense instead of being front-loaded on the novel. Once we finally get into the meat of the story, Valerie does a lot of complaining while being whooshed around by Lucas or ordered around by Jack. Some of the action sequences toward the end were good, and the verbal repartee was fun, but there were huge plot holes that needed to be filled. For example, a whole section of the story is devoted to Valerie doing research on the Others. Lucas whisks her off to the British Library, sneaking her into the stacks using his ability to dematerialize. However, in subsequent chapters, Valerie is going to the library on her own. How does she get to the books she needs without Lucas? Similarly, she finally discovers some information, but never has a chance to report it to Lucas, yet somehow he magically knows about it. It left me with a lot of unanswered questions.

The ending also left me hanging. It was too open-ended and too abrupt, like a cliff-hanger at the end of your favorite TV series before they go on break for the holidays. LOVE IS DARKNESS clearly wasn’t intended to be a stand-alone novel, but I shouldn’t have turned the last virtual page thinking there were still several chapters to go.

Setting: **** 4 Stars
I love London, so the setting worked for me, but probably because I’ve been there. The description was somewhat limited, and I never fully felt sucked into the world, but I was still able to enjoy it.

Romance: *** 3 Stars
The love triangle was set up nicely, but failed due to an overabundance of jealousy, lack of willpower, and inability to make a decision. I loved the tension between Valerie and her two interests, but I never felt emotionally involved in either relationship. I wanted to her to have some kind of epiphany, even a small one, that would start her down the path toward one of the men.

Genre – Urban Fantasy: **** 4 Stars
LOVE IS DARKNESS fit right in to the urban fantasy genre. It’s dark enough to please, with a couple of kinky twists and lots of vampire action. That being said, I didn’t feel the story offered anything new to the genre, so I can’t give it a full 5 stars.

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Description From Goodreads:

Gwen Sparks holds a rare power. She can see into the memories of the dead. When she learns that vampires are killing witches for the power in their blood and selling it as the new hot drug, brew, she’ll have to team up with her ex-boyfriend, detective Micah Reynolds to catch the murderer. As if working with her ex wasn’t bad enough, Gwen’s also being pulled into the realm of death by an unsettled ghost and has to deal with a sexy but frustrating vampire who wants nothing more than to claim her as his. Can Gwen protect her heart, and her veins from the very species that craves her?

CRAVED, by Stephanie Nelson
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Review: ** 2 Stars
Gwen Sparks is a witch living in the otherworldly town of Flora, an enclave of witches, vampires, faeries, and werewolves where no humans are allowed to visit except on one weekend a year.  She reads in the paper that a witch was found dead in a ditch, drained of blood, but the local police are encouraging people not to assume that it’s a serial killer.  Gwen, unable to stand by while witches die, decides to offer her unique ability to learn the last thoughts of the dead to aid in the investigation, thrusting herself into a dangerous police case where she must work with her ex-boyfriend (a werewolf), appease her new boyfriend (a vampire), and avoid being next on the killer’s hitlist.

Reading the description, I had high hopes for this book and this author.  Unfortunately, the reality did not meet up with my expectations.

The premise of the story was unbelievable.  Gwen is an untrained civilian with no offensive magical capabilities.  Yes, she’s helped the police in the past using her abilities, but I have to assume it was at their request and on a limited basis.  It is completely unreasonable to expect cops to welcome a civilian as a full partner in an investigation, yet on this case Gwen manages to insert herself into the center of the action, not only reading the victim’s last thoughts, but going out with the cops to interview suspects and research leads.  Beyond the initial setup, the story also suffered from bad formatting, stiff and immature dialogue, repetitive and unnecessary descriptions of character motives or behaviors, and a lack of a magical system that leads me to believe this was a first effort by an otherwise unpublished author.  I would certainly encourage Ms. Nelson to keep trying, but unfortunately, CRAVED could have used more work before hitting the virtual shelves.

Characters: ** 2 Stars
Gwen is naive and somehow uneducated in her magic, despite living in a community surrounded by other witches.  I’ll grant that she’s young at twenty-six, but I would have thought that she would have been better trained at the school she apparently attended at the age of sixteen.  In the beginning, she is consumed by bitterness and grief over the breakup with her ex, avoiding the vampire that has essentially stalked her for two years, Aiden.  Then without warning, she suddenly falls head over heels in love and can’t stop drooling over him.  Meanwhile, Aiden does very little to deserve her sudden change of heart.  He’s nice enough, but mostly serves as a pretty face and generic alpha male.  The secondary characters are equally terrible.  Fiona is a selfish, spoiled brat that acts like a teenager even though she’s supposed to be Gwen’s best friend.  Micah is Gwen’s ex, but with the exception of the obvious tension in their relationship, I never got a good feel for him.  And the villain might have been crafty, but Gwen suspected him immediately, so there was little suspense to the story.

Plot: *** 3 Stars
The plot had promise, but it was overwhelmed by poor execution.  The first several chapters could have been condensed to provide a more concise introduction to the instigating event.  The magic system also needed to be further developed: there were no rules as to what could or could not be done.  In some cases the witches would use magic to change clothes or put makeup on their face, all with just a thought, and then they had to order a dress from the local tailor.  Finally, the ending was both predictable and far too open-ended for my taste, leaving me wanting (but not in a good way).

Setting: ** 2 Stars
I never got a good feel for the setting throughout the book.  For one thing, the town being segregated from humans threw me for a loop.  Supposedly it’s the humans that want separation, but then only a select few, chosen by the town, are able to visit during an annual festival, while the otherworldly residents can apparently come and go as they please.  I was also never clear on the boundaries of the investigation.  How does the Flora police department have rights to go into other towns to do its investigation?  Were the other towns also otherworld towns?  It was confusing to say the least.

Romance: * 1 Star
Gwen and Aiden were completely unbelievable together.  First, Gwen wants nothing to do with Aiden.  He’s an annoyance.  Then with a flip of a switch, she adores him.  They have sex at the most inappropriate times, like when they’re supposed to be on a stakeout and Gwen’s ex (a werewolf with supernatural hearing) is nearby.  The romance was forced and almost entirely about the sex rather than their relationship.

Genre – Urban Fantasy: ** 2 Stars
The author hits on a few of the urban fantasy tropes, but none are particularly well executed.  There are a couple of deaths and some action, but the horror and gore isn’t well described.  Gwen is on an investigation, but most of the facts just fall into her lap, or are dropped there by ghosts.  It’s sort of in an urban setting, but I couldn’t tell if Flora was really a city or just a large town.  Overall, I was underwhelmed.

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A young mother has vanished without a trace and Sophie D’Angelo has been hired to solve the cold case that left police stumped. Tensions are high between the local cops and the newly ‘out of the coffin’ vampire community, landing Sophie smack in the middle of the toughest mystery she’s ever faced and in the middle of a possible civil war. Her only allies are her loud, overbearing italian family and her ex-fiancee turned-vampire, Caleb, who shares her house, her business, and generally gets on her nerves. If he wasn’t already dead, she’d probably kill him.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sophie has become the fixation of a twisted killer who is leaving a trail of bodies straight to her door.  Can Sophie uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance and unmask her stalker before she, or someone she loves, becomes his next victim?

BORN OF BLOOD, by Sherry Ficklin
Available October 9th

Today I’m pleased to have Sherry Ficklin, author of Born of Blood, join us for an interview!

1. Tell us a little about your background…how long have you been writing? What’s your favorite part of being an author?

I’ve been writing professionally for almost five years now, but it feels like I’ve been doing it all my life. I suppose to clarify my first book went under contract three years ago. That’s when I went from ‘writer’ to ‘author’. So far there have been a lot of cool perks, not the least of which is getting to rub elbows with other amazing authors that I just love. But the absolute best part has been the response from readers. Hearing people tell me that they love my books, it’s surreal and humbling. It’s amazing.

2. Your previous books have been YA fantasy…why did you switch to urban fantasy?

It wasn’t a strategic decision. When I first began trying to publish my YA books, all people wanted was vampire novels. I always knew (because I am such a fan of Paranormal) that I’d do one eventually, but the time wasn’t right for me then. During the publication of the YA series I started tinkering with adult paranormal/horror. Born of Blood was an absolute blast to write. I think because I enjoyed writing it so much, I was really proud of it. But when I started looking for a publisher, no one wanted to touch another urban fantasy (at least a non romance) with a ten foot pole. Then I met the great people at Tell Tale Publishing. It was like, they really got me, got my book. And they loved it. It was the stars aligning. It has been a challenge to sort of make the jump from YA to adult just because I can’t really take my fan base with me. But if ever a book was worth taking that risk, it’s this one.

3. Where did you get your inspiration for Born of Blood?

It evolved very organically. I was working on a writing prompt, “You are in a burning building. Describe the scene”. Before I knew it I had three chapters. It was the first book that I actually would laugh out loud while I wrote, Sophie was that real for me.

4. How many books are planned for the series?

A hundred? I honestly don’t know. I have outlines for two more, but there are so many places I want to go with these amazing characters. Who knows? If people keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them.

5. You live in Colorado…why did you choose the setting of Charleston, South Carolina?

I travel a lot. Sometimes I fall in love with the places I visit. That was what happened in Charleston. Honestly, I could have stayed there forever. Such a rich culture and a unique mix of people. It was breathtaking. When Sophie first popped into my head, there was no doubt that was where she was from.

6. Sophie seems to be a bit of a contradiction: on the one hand, she broke things off with Caleb when he was turned, even though it wasn’t his fault, yet on the other, she seems to be far more accepting of vampires in general than many other people in the story. Where does this contradiction stem from?

Sophie is a very practical girl in some ways. The vampires simply are in her world. So she deals with it. But Caleb is sort of a special case. On one hand she had this sort of picture perfect life all planned out with him, then in the blink of an eye it was taken away. Marriage, kids, everything she wanted was stolen from her. She tries not to blame him for that, but every time she looks at him it’s a reminder of what she lost. I think there’s a part of her that would be willing to forget everything else and be with him anyway, but it’s the reckless part of her and at the end of the day she knows it would never work out. One day she’d grow old and he’d be gone. So she puts up a wall with him, to protect herself. Sometimes we see it chipping away, but then something happens and she is brought back to cold reality. It’s a bit like whiplash of the heart.

7. Can you give us a bit more background on the vampire culture and how they ‘came out’?

There will be a bit more about this in later books so I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that everything the Conclave does is calculated. There was a reason that a specific time and place was chosen, but the underlying rules of vampire culture have existed for centuries.

8. Why do werewolves and vampires instinctively hate each other?

For me it boiled down to base animal instincts. Here we have two extremely powerful alpha preditors, it would only be natural that they would instinctively avoid and distrust each other. Like if you put a tiger in a cage with a wolf. It would be nearly impossible to know how it would end but it would be bloody. It’s that primal survival instinct that drives the rivalry. But it can be overcome, as Rayne has managed to do in Charleston.

9. Why is Rayne so interested in Sophie?

Sophie presents a unique problem for Rayne. On one hand she is potentially a useful ally, but on the other her humanity makes her uncontrollable. I don’t think he’s ever met a woman, a human woman at least, who keeps him so off balance. He likes it. Plus, for all his bluster, I think Rayne really sees humanity for all its beauty and flaws. He likes Sophie because he’s never quite sure what she will say or do next. I think if he were ever able to really figure her out he’d lose interest. Sophie realizes that too.

10. Will Sophie ever completely forgive Caleb?

I think there’s a fine line between forgiving and forgetting. She is working on it, but until she can find a way to either let go of her old life or find a way back to it, she’ll never really be happy with anyone. It’ll just be a matter of Sophie getting out of her own way.

And now for my review of BORN OF BLOOD, by Sherry Ficklin

Review: *** 3 Stars: A Fun, Fast Read
Sophie is the somewhat unwilling owner of Palmetto Private Investigations, having taken over the business after her father’s death.  It’s not that she doesn’t like her job, in fact she seems to thrive in it, but she was forced to give up college to run the business and keep her family afloat.  Her business partner, Caleb, is a vampire who lives in her attic.  He’s also her ex-fiance, who left her standing alone at the alter after he was changed into a vampire the night before their wedding.  Oh, and he now has a girlfriend, a vampire who occasionally stays over.  Can anyone say “awkward”?

As you can imagine, all of this makes life a bit tough for Sophie, who’s left bitter and confused by her feelings for Caleb.  Somehow, she manages to keep her sense of humor as she’s thrust into the middle of a missing person case that points her directly at Rayne (the leader of the the local vampire council, called the Conclave) and the Church of Redeeming Sacrifice (an anti-vampire religious sect).

I’ve read the first two books in Sherry Ficklin’s Gods of Fate trilogy (the third to be released sometime next year), and I loved them.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think BORN OF BLOOD lived up to their standard, or its own potential.  While it was fun to read, it somehow felt like this was still an early draft of what could be a great novel.  It just wasn’t quite there yet.  That being said, if she comes out with a second in the series, I’d probably still read it, if only to find out whether Sophie chooses Caleb or Rayne.

Characters: *** 3 Stars
Sophie was a strong lead, but some of her actions and attitudes seemed contradictory.  On the one hand, she seemed tough, keeping her head in the middle of any crisis she faces.  On the other, she’s bitter that she can’t have her ‘dream life’ with Caleb, but she not only let’s him live with her, she let’s him bring his girlfriend around and supports his decision to join the Conclave.

Meanwhile, Caleb irritated me.  He’s supposed to be her business partner and helping her with the case, but he spends more time with his girlfriend than anything else, and Sophie lets him get away with it.  I didn’t understand how she could just let him walk all over her, when she’s strong in so many other areas.

Rayne was also introduced as a potential love interest…at least, he’s interested in Sophie.  I liked Rayne.  He seemed a little awkward, not knowing how to romance a human and clearly still living in another era, but also very domineering, not used to being refused.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have a very large role in the novel, and I would have liked to see much more from him.

Plot: *** 3 Stars
The beginning of the story was great, shoving us right into the action…and a burning building.  But while the concept of the story was solid, the ending was lacking.  It felt like the author was rushed, or didn’t know how to end the story.  In fact the last chapter was all summary ‘telling’, when I personally would have preferred more ‘showing’.  For example (without giving anything away), there’s a really nice twist at the end, but Sophie tells us her reaction in the final summary, leaving us, the readers, emotionally hanging.  I wanted to be there with her, not listening to a narrative.

Setting: **** 4 Stars
I could tell the author had visited Charleston, SC.  Some of the scenes really breathed, bringing me into the story, but others needed a little more punch to tie it all together.  The setting was solid, but I could have used a bit more description overall.

Romance: *** 3 Stars
The romance in BORN OF BLOOD was limited, at best.  There was a lot of emotion, don’t get me wrong, but with Caleb it was all bitter loss, and I never felt like Rayne was any kind of possibility for a romantic interest, even as he declared his intention to “woo” Sophie.  In my opinion, the sexual interest and intensity could have been beefed up between Rayne and Sophie, or Caleb could have done more to try to win her back.  Either way, the romance would have been improved and it would have added another dimension to engage the reader.

Genre – Urban Fantasy: **** 4 Stars
This was a good novel for a debut urban fantasy.  The heroine gets a little beat up, but ultimately wins the day, and there’s plenty of blood throughout.  It’s dark, gritty, and a fun, fast read.

**Note: this review was made at the request of the author.  The only compensation received was a free copy of the novel.

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Description From Goodreads:

The severed head marked by a distinctive tattoo on its cheek should have been a Guild case, but dark instincts honed over hundreds of years of life compel the vampire Dmitri to take control. There is something twisted about this death, something that whispers of centuries long past…but Dmitri’s need to discover the truth is nothing to the vicious strength of his response to the hunter assigned to decipher the tattoo.

Savaged in a brutal attack that almost killed her, Honor is nowhere near ready to come face to face with the seductive vampire who is an archangel’s right hand, and who wears his cruelty as boldly as his lethal sensuality…the same vampire who has been her secret obsession since the day she was old enough to understand the inexplicable, violent emotions he aroused in her.

As desire turns into a dangerous compulsion that might destroy them both, it becomes clear the past will not stay buried. Something is hunting…and it will not stop until it brings a blood-soaked nightmare to life once more…

ARCHANGEL’S BLADE, by Nalini Singh
Available on Amazon andBarnes & Noble

Review: ***** 5 Stars
After surviving a brutal kidnapping and torture for months at the hands of a group of depraved vampires, Honor finds herself a changed woman.  No longer the confident hunter she was, Honor is forced to leave the safety of the Guild Academy and face a case requiring her unique skills, as well as the man that has drawn her attention, and obsession, for years.  Meanwhile, Dmitri finds himself drawn to Honor, unable to resist her strength of will and courage in the face of her fears.

Together, Honor and Dmitri investigate two cases, the person responsible for the severed head and tattoos, as well as the identities of Honor’s torturers.  As they work, Dmitri slowly rebuilds Honor’s confidence, while Honor protects Dmitri from himself, ensuring that he doesn’t cross the line into darkness after a thousand years as the Archangel’s Blade.

This is the fourth book in the Guild Hunter series, but you can almost get away without reading the others first.  The first three followed the Archangel Raphael and Guild Hunter Elena, introducing most of the side characters in ARCHANGEL’S BLADE.  However, since it stays pretty tightly focused on Dmitri and Honor, the background stories are less necessary.  I’ve read the other three books as well, and would highly recommend going back to read them first, but you could start here without missing too much.

This was a fantastic story, building a beautiful relationship through danger and overcoming deep emotional pain.  I loved every minute of it!

Characters: **** 4 Stars
Dmitri and Honor are perfect together.  Both broken, both in pain, yet able to come together to remind each other of the good in the world and in each other.  I loved them!  However, the side characters and villains are slightly less developed, detracting a bit from the mystery and action of the story.  The side characters appear in previous Guild Hunter novels, so you can learn more about them if you read the series in order, but I would have liked a little more depth from the villains.

Plot: **** 4 Stars
ARCHANGEL’S BLADE had a strong plot with two mysteries for the characters to solve.  It was really well paced, keeping the action high while the characters explored their relationship.  The only thing I would have asked for was a bit more danger toward the end, particularly for Honor.  While she overcomes a ton of emotional baggage, and plays an integral role in the climax, I wanted Dmitri to have to rescue her or save her at least a little, so that he could truly realize what it would cost him to lose her.

Setting: ***** 5 Stars
The author does a great job with the setting of the story, bringing to life each location in detail.

“The gates, tall and ornate and covered with dark green ivy, swung open with stately grace the instant the guard saw the car.  The drive was dappled in sun and shadow from the oak tress that lined it, and the house, when it came into view, spoke of another century – a heavy and ostentatious one.”

“A minute later, she ducked under the police tape to find herself looking at a scene more suited to a slaughterhouse than the chaotic, vivid  center of one of the most well-known cities in the world.  A thousand scents surrounded her – the sweet, sweet taste of sugar from the chocolatier across the street; coffee, bitter and rich, from the place on the corner; tobacco smoke and car exhaust mixed with the sour tang of human sweat – but none of it could overwhelm the ripe, wet smell of rotting flesh.”

Romance: ***** 5 Stars
Dmitri and Honor are perfect together.  Oh, wait, I already said that!  But they really are!  Dmitri is careful with Honor, pushing her to heal, but still respecting the damage that resulted from her torture.  There’s one scene in particular (which I won’t ruin for you) that nearly made my cry, when strong, proud Dmitri finds himself making amends to the woman he can’t live without.  The sex isn’t overdone, instead the author builds a foundation that naturally leads to a physical relationship.

Genre – Urban Fantasy: ***** 5 Stars
ARCHANGEL’S BLADE was the epitome of good urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  Plenty of action and danger, vampires and angels, mystical relationships, and of course an urban setting.  If you love urban fantasy and paranormal romance, you’ll love this book.

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