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Description From Goodreads:

Ciela de Leon never wanted attention. It’s a pity no-one asked her.

Forced to begin her pilgrimage by the Temple of Life, she must become a water-seer or die trying. But when something precious is stolen from her, Ciela must fight alongside a group of terrifying mercenaries to get it back. Now everything she thought she knew about the world is thrown into doubt, and the questions just keep piling on. Who is Ezra Hawkins? What are the Children of Lightning plotting? How do waffles fit in to any of this? And if that wasn’t bad enough, she may just be falling in love with a mysterious warrior who knows far too much about life and death. There’s also the off chance that she’s destined to save the world.

In this exciting sequel to Wind-Scarred, Ciela must fight to discover the secrets hidden just beneath the surface, or be washed away by the tides of fate. Time is running out…

WATER-SEER, by Sky Luke Corbelli

Available on Amazon

Review: ***** 5 Stars
In this sequel to WIND-SCARRED, Sky Luke Corbelli delivers a thrilling tale of adventure, camaraderie, and even a little love. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, but the few complaints I had were fixed in WATER-SEER, making the sequel an even better novel. The plot was tight, the characters realistic, and the action intense as the story continues.

Characters: ***** 5 Stars
I loved Ciela de Leon! She’s a young healer out on her pilgrimage, taking sacred books to the Great Temple of Life in Silverfall. Ciela is confident in her healing skills and compassionate with the people around her, always willing to stop and lend a hand if someone is sick or injured. But when it comes to traveling on the road by herself, Ciela is less than thrilled, even intimidated by the path laid out before her. Even so, when the books are stolen from her, she throws herself into the chase, determined to reclaim them. Her moral strength and firm resolve, juxtaposed with her insecurity, made for a very interesting character.

I was also thrilled that we got to see more of Ezra, Sarah and Mat. The team continued to grow and evolve in this second installment, highlighting new and exciting facets of their personalities and expanded skill-sets.

Plot: **** 4 Stars
WATER-SEER was a much tighter novel than its predecessor. The plot stayed right on course, with some wonderful action sequences that kept me glued to my seat. Occurring entirely outside of Sanctuary, Ezra and his team are running from the Chancellor’s goons while seeking allies in the elemental groups. Meanwhile, Ciela joins their traveling party when their paths cross and they find themselves traveling in the same direction. There was more action, better integration of the science-fiction with the fantasy, and an overall better story arc with a fantastic twist near the end.

My only complaint was that the Epilogue closed on too much of a cliffhanger, literally stopping in the middle of a conversation, and it was unnecessary. Without the epilogue, the ending still would have been open-ended with many unanswered questions, but perhaps with a little less “what-the-…?” feeling.

Setting: ***** 5 Stars
The world outside of sanctuary is extremely well-developed and diverse. Each city that the group passes through is unique and vivid. I was easily able to imagine Silverfall with its flowing waters, and Theron with its impoverished people and tiered layout. I also loved the skystream, with its flying boats and pirates. Overall, really creative and fun!

Romance: **** 4 Stars
The relationship is slow to develop between Ciela and Matt, but it felt more realistic for its tempered pace. They seem to make a good couple, complementing each other’s skill sets and learning from one another. I particularly enjoyed it when Ciela was the hero, coming to Matt’s rescue, instead of the other way around.

Genre – Futuristic Fantasy: ***** 5 Stars
WATER-SEER does a great job picking up where Wind-Scarred left off, and it remains a unique cross-genre novel that does a great job bringing together both science-fiction and fantasy themes. WATER-SEER is a bit more on the fantasy side than WIND-SCARRED was, but it works since the story is set entirely outside of Sanctuary. Ezra and his team still have many of the advanced technologies at their disposal, even though they are slowly being forced to function entirely within the confines of the outside world.

Note: This review was requested by the author. The only compensation received was a free copy of the book.


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*** BOOK GIVEAWAY ***   

Description From Goodreads:
Ezra Hawkins is going to change the world.

Although, honestly, there isn’t that much world left to change. After the Great War that nearly destroyed the Earth, mankind has been reduced to a single city: Sanctuary. Hidden from the ravages of the world, the last scions of humanity have eked out their existence through hard work and ingenuity, managing survival, maybe even a little happiness.

But Ezra Hawkins, last heir to the legacy of wormhole technology, will show them something that no human in over a thousand years has known: Hope.

This is a story of science against magic, of people who can bend the elements to their will and the shadowy forces that police them. And most of all, Wind-Scarred tells the tale of a young man desperate to learn the true nature of the past, and of a planet that has its own ideas about the future.

WIND-SCARRED, by Sky Corbelli
Available on Amazon

Review: **** 4 Stars
What a great start to a trilogy! I enjoyed Wind-Scarred immensely, though it did have a few hiccups, including a meandering plot and a romance that lacked finesse. But the overall story was good, the concept unique, and the characters incredibly well-developed. I’m looking forward to reading book 2, Water-Seer, now available on Amazon.

Characters: ***** 5 Stars
Ezra is brainy yet courageous, a scientist born into a family that controls the knowledge of wormhole technology. Swept into a secret society, Ezra handles himself with aplomb, but he’s still young, and a bit naive, especially in the ways of women. Galois “Gal” Doe arrives on scene as a party girl, but ultimately recruits Ezra to become an agent. She’s spunky and fun, and I wish we’d seen more of her throughout the story. The other characters, including Ezra’s “research team” each had their own personalities, which came through beautifully in the novel and added to the warmth and camaraderie in Ezra’s world.

Plot: *** 3 Stars
The author did a great job tying together science fiction and fantasy themes, creating a complex world with multiple moving parts, including layers of foreshadowing that carry through the entire novel and into book 2 (I hope, anyway!). Unfortunately, that’s also the story’s downfall, as the plot lacks focus. Some parts seemed to drag, while in others I wanted more detail. There were several sections that didn’t seem to be necessary to advance the story, leaving me feeling like I just had to get through them. However, the action, when it occurred, was well-drawn and kept me engaged, and the overall story was interesting and fun.

Setting: **** 4 Stars
I really liked the juxtaposition of the futuristic city with the rural anti-technology countryside. It made for a very unique story and helped pull through the dead periods of the plot.

Romance: ** 2 Stars
I loved the characters of Gal and Ezra, and they could have been a fun couple. Unfortunately, the romance was significantly under-developed. Gal and Ezra are thrown together, and for a very long time I thought that Gal was just toying with Ezra for some political, or even nefarious reason. She’s flirty and coy, but it felt, at best, like a surface infatuation, and the romance fell flat.

Genre – Futuristic Fantasy: ***** 5 Stars
WIND-SCARRED is a unique cross-genre novel that does a great job bringing together both science-fiction and fantasy themes. I loved the “elementals” and the conflict between the futuristic technology and the rural, almost medieval, outside world.

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